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Best Pool Remodeling Company in Plano TX

Professional Pool Guys is the trusted pool remodeling company in Plano, TX, providing matchless pool renovations. We understand that your pool is a place to cool off and create joyful memories; that’s why we offer comprehensive services to cater to your needs. Our pool refurbishment specialists can handle everything from pool plastering, remodel, and repair to concrete pool installations. In Plano’s ever-changing climate, pools face unique challenges, from wear and tear to weather-related damage like cracking, mold growth, etc. 

This is where we step in to fulfill all of your pool remodeling aspirations. We transform aging, outdated pools into stunning, modern retreats so you can relish a beautiful, functional, and inviting pool space. Trust us to create your dream pool by hiring our services.

Our Mission

To deliver breathtaking and long-lasting transformations with our best pool remodeling services in Plano Texas, and successfully breathe new life into every pool we

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in pool renovation services in Plano TX, recognized for our innovative designs, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Plano Top Pool Remodeling Company

Professional Pool Guys is a proficient pool remodeling company in Plano TX, catering to swimming pool enthusiasts. Several characteristics distinguish us from competitors. We have a team of skilled pool remodelers who bring years of hands-on experience to every project. We prioritize customization since we acknowledge that every pool is different from each other. Our commitment to excellence extends to our transparent pricing and reliable timelines, so you can trust us to deliver on our promises. Choose Professional Pool Guys for the finest pool remodeler and experience the difference firsthand.

Essential Techniques for Swimming Pool Improvements

We employ a variety of techniques to ensure maximum swimming pool improvements:

  • Structural repairs are a crucial step in which we address various pool issues such as leaks, cracks, or damaged plumbing systems.
  • Surface refinishing is another important aspect involving interior pool resurfacing with materials like plaster or pebble finish for a fresh and attractive look.
  • Pool coping repair helps us restore the pool’s structural integrity by making enhancements or necessary upgrades to its border.

Our techniques adhere to local regulations, ensuring compliance and standard-level pool remodeling experience for our valued customers.

Pool Remodeling and renovation in Plano
Pool Renovation Journey

Our Step-by-Step Pool Renovation Journey

As We are professional pool remodelers, we follow a meticulous step-by-step process to transform your outdated or worn-out pool into a revitalized oasis.

  • Our journey begins with thoroughly assessing your pool’s condition and desires, considering various pool remodeling ideas to suit your style and needs.
  • We then provide cost estimates for pool renovation to guarantee transparency before our clients.
  • Once approved, the pool redesign begins, encompassing changes to the pool’s shape, depth, and features as per your requirements.
  • During this phase, we incorporate pool safety enhancements by addressing potential hazards to secure your pool.

The final result is an attractive and fully functional pool that you always wanted.

Our Services
We Proudly Offer
Pool Remodeling & Renovation
As the best service provider of pool remodeling & renovation in Plano, we provide one-stop pool makeover solutions that convert your outdated pools into fully operational ones.
Pool Plastering
We specialize in pool plastering, ensuring a smooth and durable finish that revitalizes the appearance of your pool, making it a joy for you and your loved ones to swim in again.
Concrete Pool Installation
Experience the pinnacle of durability and customization with our concrete pool installation services. Using your preferences in mind, we design and build personalized concrete pools.
Water Features Installation & Repair
We help you beautify your pool's ambiance. Our services include bringing the calming sounds and eye-catching sights of water features to your poolside, from serene waterfalls to dazzling fountains.
Pool Repair
Use our dependable pool repair services to maintain your pool's highest caliber of condition. We promptly diagnose and address any issues, ensuring your pool stays safe and enjoyable.
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Frequently Asked Questions

After pool remodeling, it’s essential to follow our guidelines. You can adjust your pool maintenance routine to account for any new features or equipment.

While homeowners can do some minor pool maintenance tasks, pool remodeling projects are generally best left to us since they require specific knowledge, equipment, and permits.

During the remodeling of your pool, you can include the installation of a saltwater chlorination system. Many prefer saltwater pools for their lower chlorine levels and softer feel on the skin.

Severe weather protection measures include pool covers and securing loose items around the pool area. Connect with us to determine the best protection for your pool.

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Respect for Your Property

Our professional and courteous pool remodelers treat your property with the utmost care, minimizing disruption and leaving your outdoor space clean and beautiful.

Clear Communication

We maintain open lines of communication throughout the entire pool remodeling process with our clients so that they are always informed and involved in decisions.

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